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Home | News | Presentation of KVS Preadviezen: ‘Nobel Laureates Meet Policy Makers’
News | November 29, 2019 |

Presentation of KVS Preadviezen: ‘Nobel Laureates Meet Policy Makers’

The Royal Netherlands Economic Association (KVS) presented its annual publication ‘Preadviezen’ on December 4, 2019, commemorating 50 years since Jan Tinbergen won the first Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Presentation of KVS Preadviezen: ‘Nobel Laureates Meet Policy Makers’

The volume (published in English) is edited by Eric Bartelsman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Esther-Mirjam Sent (Radboud University). The volume focus on the interaction between economic science and policy through a series of interviews with Nobel Prize Laureates and policy makers---Jim Heckman and Laura van Geest; Joe Stiglitz and Ángel Gurría; Chris Pissarides and Eric Wiebes; Lars Peter Hansen and Peter Praet; Angus Deaton and Wouter Koolmees.

The presentation of the Preadviezen took place under the supervision of host Esther van Rijswijk. Erwin Dekker (EUR), Laura van Geest (CPB), Henk Nijboer (Lower House of Parliament) and Ben Vollaard (Tilburg University) responded to the Preadviezen.

Published (open access) online:

Chapter 1: 'A master class in policy research. A conversation between James Heckman and Laura van Geest in memory of Jan Tinbergen'.
Chapter 2: 'Fellow travellers in a quest to improve lives through better policies. A conversation between Joseph E. Stiglitz and Ángel Gurría in memory of Jan Tinbergen'.

More reading related to the Preadviezen:

'Reflections of the moderators. A Conversation between Eric Bartelsman and Esther-Mirjam Sent in memory of Jan Tinbergen.'

'Round table on the interaction between policy and academia. What steps need to be taken to improve the interaction between academia and policy? During a round table discussion, we have asked both academics and policy makers to share their experiences and ideas'.