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Home | People | Arnoud Boot

Arnoud Boot

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Banking, Regulation, Risk Management

Key publications

List of publications

Boot, A. and Thakor, A. (2019). Post-Crisis Evolution of Banks and Markets: Introduction Journal of Financial Intermediation, 39:1--80.

Boot, A. and Ratnovski, L. (2016). Banking and Trading Review of Finance, 20(6):2219--2246.

Boot, A. (2014). Financial sector in flux Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 46(s1):129--135.

Boot, A. and Thakor, A. (2011). Managerial autonomy, allocation of control rights, and optimal capital structure Review of Financial Studies, 24(10):3434--3485.

Boot, A. and Marinč, M. (2008). The evolving landscape of banking Industrial and Corporate Change, 17(6):1173--1203.

Boot, A., Gopalan, R. and Thakor, A. (2008). Market liquidity, investor participation, and managerial autonomy: Why do firms go private? The Journal of Finance, 63(4):2013--2059.

Boot, A., Gopalan, R. and Thakor, A. (2006). The entrepreneur's choice between private and public ownership The Journal of Finance, 61(2):803--836.

Boot, A., Milbourn, T. and Schmeits, A. (2006). Credit Ratings as Coordination Mechanisms Review of Financial Studies, 19(1):81--118.

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Boot, A., Dezelan, S. and Milbourn, T. (2000). Regulatory Distortions in a Competitive Financial Services Industry Journal of Financial Services Research, 17(1):249--259.

Boot, A. and Schmeits, A. (2000). Market Discipline and Incentive Problems in Conglomerate Firms with Applications to Banking Journal of Financial Intermediation, 9(3):1--34.

Boot, A. (2000). Relationship Banking: What Do We Know? Journal of Financial Intermediation, 9(1):7--25.

Boot, A., Bhattecharya, S. and Thakor, A. (1998). The Economics of Bank Regulation Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 30(4):745--770.

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