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Home | People | Matthijs van Veelen

Matthijs van Veelen

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Evolutionary Game Theory, Game Theory, Inequality, Microeconomic Theory

List of publications

van Veelen, M. and García, J. (2019). In and out of equilibrium II: Evolution in repeated games with discounting and complexity costs Games and Economic Behavior, 115:113--130.

García, J. and van Veelen, M. (2016). In and out of equilibrium I: Evolution of strategies in repeated games with discounting Journal of Economic Theory, 161:161--189.

van Veelen, M. (2012). [Review of: S. Bowles, H. Gintis (2011) A cooperative species: human reciprocity and its revolution] Journal of Economic Literature, 50(3):797--803.

van Veelen, C.M. (2012). Robustness against indirect invasions Games and Economic Behavior, 74(1):382--393.

van Veelen, M. (2009). The apples and oranges theorem for price indices Economics Letters, 103(1):12--14.

van Veelen, M. and Spreij, P. (2009). Evolution in games with a continuous action space Economic Theory, 39(3):355--376.

van Veelen, M. and van der Weide, R. (2008). A note on different approaches to index number theory American Economic Review, 98(4):1722--1730.

Quiggin, J. and van Veelen, C.M. (2007). Multilateral indices: conflicting approaches? Review of income and wealth, 53(2):372--378.

van Veelen, M. (2002). An impossibility theorem concerning multilateral international comparison of volumes Econometrica, 70(1):369--375.