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Home | People | Martijn Burger

Martijn Burger

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Economic Geography, Globalization, Networks, Regional And Urban Economics, Spatial Economics, Trade

List of publications

Stavropoulos, S. and Burger, M.J. (2020). Modelling strategy and net employment effects of renewable energy and energy efficiency: A meta-regression Energy Policy, 136:{111047}.

Burger, M.J., Stavropoulos, S., Ramkumar, S., Dufourmont, J. and van Oort, F.G. (2019). The heterogeneous skill-base of circular economy employment Research Policy, 48(1):248--261.

van der Zwan, P.W., Hessels, J. and Burger, M.J. (2019). Happy Free Willies? Investigating the relationship between freelancing and subjective well-being Small Business Economics, :.

Wijngaards, I., Hendriks, Martijn and Burger, M.J. (2019). Steering towards happiness: An experience sampling study on the determinants of happiness of truck drivers Transportation Research. Part A, Policy and Practice, :.

Witte, C.T., Burger, M.J. and Ianchovichina, E. (2019). Subjective well-being and peaceful uprisings Kyklos, :.

Arampatzi, E., Burger, M.J., Ianchovichina, E., Röhricht, T. and Veenhoven, R. (2018). Unhappy Development: Dissatisfaction With Life on the Eve of the Arab Spring Review of income and wealth, 64(S1):S80--S113.

Hessels, J., Arampatzi, E., van der Zwan, P.W. and Burger, M.J. (2018). Life satisfaction and self-employment in different types of occupations Applied Economics Letters, 25(11):734--740.

Burger, M.J. and Ianchovichina, E. (2017). Surges and stops in greenfield and M&A FDI flows to developing countries: Analysis by mode of entry Review of World Economics, 153(2):411--432.

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Burger, M.J., Ianchovichina, E. and Rijkers, B. (2016). Risky business: political instability and sectoral greenfield foreign direct investment in the Arab world World Bank Economic Review, 30(2):306--331.

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Burger, M.J., van der Knaap, G.A. and Wall, R.S. (2013). Revealed competition for greenfield investments between European regions Journal of Economic Geography, 13(4):619--648.

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de Goei, B., Burger, M.J., Van Oort, F.G. and Kitson, M. (2010). Functional polycentrism and urban network development in the Greater South East UK: Evidence from commuting patterns, 1981-2001 Regional Studies, 44(9):1149--1170.

Burger, M.J., Van Oort, F.G. and Linders, G.J.M. (2009). On the specification of the gravity model of trade: zeros, excess zeros and zero-inflated estimation Spatial Economic Analysis, 4(2):167--190.

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