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Home | People | Bas Jacobs

Bas Jacobs

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Education, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Public Finance

Key publications

List of publications

Gerritsen, A.A.F. and Jacobs, B. (2019). Is a Minimum Wage an Appropriate Instrument for Redistribution? Economica, forthc.:.

Jacobs, B. and Van der Ploeg, F. (2019). Redistribution and Pollution Taxes with Non-linear Engel-curves Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 95:198--226.

Jacobs, B. (2018). The Marginal Cost of Public Funds is One at the Optimal Tax System International Tax and Public Finance, 25(4):883--912.

Jacobs, B., Jongen, E.L.W. and Zoutman, F.T. (2017). Revealed Social Preferences of Dutch Political Parties Journal of Public Economics, 156:81--100.

Jacobs, B. and Yang, H. (2016). Second-Best Income Taxation and Education Policy with Endogenous Human Capital and Borrowing Constraints International Tax and Public Finance, 23(2):234--268.

Zoutman, F. T. and Jacobs, B. (2016). Optimal Redistribution and Monitoring of Labor Supply Journal of Public Economics, 135:15--31.

Jacobs, B. and de Mooij, R.A. (2015). Pigou Meets Mirrlees: On the Irrelevance of Tax Distortions for the Second-Best Pigouvian Tax Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 71:90--108.

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