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Home | People | Jurjen Kamphorst

Jurjen Kamphorst

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Personnel Economics

List of publications

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Swank, O.H. (2018). The role of performance appraisals in motivating employees Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 27(2):251--269.

Billand, P., Bravard, C., Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Sarangi, S. (2017). Network formation when players seek confirmation of information Mathematical Social Sciences, 89:20--31.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Swank, O.H. (2016). Don't Demotivate, Discriminate American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 8(1):140--165.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and De Jaegher, K. (2015). Minimal two-way flow networks with small decay Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 109:217--239.

Kamphorst, J.J.A., Mendys-Kamphorst, E. and Westbrock, B. (2013). Rational Signals of Weakness in a Market Entry Game Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 169(3):519--530.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Swank, O.H. (2013). When Galatea cares about her reputation: How having faith in your workers reduces their motivation to shine European Economic Review, 60:91--104.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Pruzhansky, V. (2012). Vertical theory of harm in a horizontal merger: the Friesland Foods/Campina case Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 8(2):417--424.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Van Velthoven, B.C.J. (2009). The introduction of an appeals court in Dutch tax litigation International Review of Law and Economics, 29(1):13--24.

Haller, H., Kamphorst, J.J.A. and Sarangi, S. (2007). (Non-)Existence and Scope of Nash Networks Economic Theory, 31(3):597--604.

Galeotti, A., Goyal, S. and Kamphorst, J.J.A. (2006). Network Formation with Heterogeneous Players Games and Economic Behavior, 54(2):353--372.